Unit name: CCU (Cardiac Care Unit)

Specialty: Cardiovascular

Number of beds: 13 beds (two isolation beds)

Common cases of hospitalization in the past year:

Acute myocardial infarction, angina (chest pain), acute pulmonary edema, chronic heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, decreased consciousness, chronic renal failure

Name and technical expertise of the unit:

Dr. Rahimeh Eskandarian (cardiologist)

Name and Specialty of Head Nurse Section:

Reza Riazi Bidokhti (Nursing Specialist)

Name and specialty of doctors:

Ms. Dr. Biglari (cardiologist),

Dr. Biglari (Cardiologist),

Dr. Darabian (cardiologist)

Last year's occupancy rate: 87.93%

Unit Location in the hospital: Second Floor, the Eastern Side of the premise

Major equipment:

Central oxygen and suction, Central monitoring, Electroshock, ECG, Ventilator, portable suction, portable echo device, portable radiology device, external pacemaker

The usual process of admission and treatment of patients in the unit:

Ø Referral of the patient and his accompaniment to the emergency department or emergency department reception of the hospital for filing an admission by holding an admission order from a doctor or emergency medical assistant

Ø Entering the patient's profile and information required in the admission program, obtain consent from his / her companion, referral to the fund unit to deposit the amount of the admission fee

Ø Performing emergency tasks such as Venepuncture, sending emergency tests, and other emergency treatment measures.

Ø Referring patients by stretchers or wheelchairs to the CCU together with a nurse, identifying the patient's bed in the CCU, delivery of the suit and personal belongings, controlling vital signs and carry out the initial assessment of the patient by the responsible nurse, provision of counseling and take all para clinical measures required such as radiography, CT scan and necessary tests.

Guide for CCU patients and their accompaniment:

Working hours of the visiting doctor: Every day from 9 am to 12.

Visiting time: 03:30 pm to 04:00 pm

Insurance and Social Assistance Affairs: Performed by Insurance Experts and Associate Workers

Tracking and answering system for discharge and contact numbers: The unit's secretary answers your calls and queries everyday from 7:30 am to 02:00 pm. If necessary, the staff will also assist.

Educational pamphlets in the CCU:

Presenting different types of educational pamphlets related to the common diseases of the CCU, and the process of patient participation in their treatment, the complications of the drugs and how they should be taken, the care of patients after discharge from the unit.