Cardiac Surgery Operating Room


- Section name: Heart surgery room

- Specialty: All open and closed heart surgery for adult and pediatric patients - Central and peripheral vascular surgery

- Number of beds: Two surgical beds

- Other important rooms and spaces: Scrub room - Sterile room – classroom

Common surgeries performed last year:

- 1. Cardiac tamponade

2. Pericardial synthesis

3. Cardiac valve surgery

4. ،Thrombosis of pulmonary artery embolism

5. Vascular spasm

6. CABG (coronary artery bypass surgery)

7. Surgery of congenital heart abnormalities

7. Cardiac tumors surgery

9. Surgery of large body vessels

- Name and specialty of the main physician in charge of the unit: Dr. Kamran Ghods (Cardiologist)

- Name and specialty of the head nurse: Zohreh Dost Mohammadi (nursing expert-Cardiovascular Perfusionist)

- Name and Specialty of Physicians of the unit: Dr. Kamran Ghods (Cardiologist)

- Dr. Mohammad Forouzesh Fard (Cardiologist/Heart Attack Specialist)

- Location in the hospital: Second floor - Cardiology section

- Important equipment:

- Oxygen and central suction - Anesthetic machine

- Heart and lung pump 2 units -

- Iron transfusion machine

- Infusion pump (7 machines)

- Balloon pump 2 units

- Serum warmer device

- Cutter machine (2)

- Electroshock (2)

- Fridge and television and other essential equipment and supplies

Kowsar Center for Medical Education, Research, and Treatment of Semnan is the major center for heart disease treatment and cardiac surgery in Semnan province. Heart rate angiography is also conducted at this center. For this reason, the recruitment and training of the specialized staff required and the participation of the private sector in the heart surgery room of this hospital has been in operation since 2013 and at the same time the hospital was established. By carrying out heart surgeries in this hospital, the respected citizens of Semnan Province no longer need to go to Tehran and neighboring cities and do not have to spend a fortune for cardiac surgeries.

A report on the history of heart surgery in Kowsar Hospital in Semnan:

According to the Public Relations report of Semnan University of Medical Sciences, surgery for simultaneous replacement of three cardiac arrhythmias was performed in October, 2014, at Kowsar Hospital of Semnan. "This action was taken on a young patient who suffered from a shortness of breath and suffered from severe heart disease for many years," said Dr. Kamran Ghods, cardiologist, to journalists. He added that the 27-year-old Afghani patient has suffered from severe respiratory illness during work. By performing the echo, it was discovered that three valves of his heart had been damaged due to rheumatic fever and rheumatism. Dr. Ghods said the defect has increased the pressure in the lung and his heart was bigger than normal and did not have the ability to pump blood inside his body. The heart surgeon stated: After the patient agreed with the surgery, the operation of replacing one valve and repairing the two valves successfully occurred on the patient. His general health is now also good and satisfying. While he pointed to the fact that surgeries to replace or repair heart valves in the country are few, said: "After surgery, the patient's heart rhythm was very irregular, but it is okay now.