Deputy of Educational Research


With the approval of the new organizational chart in Kowsar Center for Educational, Research and Treatment in Semnan , the Deputy of Education and Research at the center has been set up since the beginning of summer 2014 and Dr. Dariush Pahlavan (Occupational Therapist / faculty member) has been introduced as a deputy of the educational and research center of the hospital.


From February 2017, Dr. Majid Mirmohammadkhani (Epidemiologist and faculty member of the university) assumed the responsibility of the Deputy Director of Educational and Research Center of Kowsar hospital.


From May 2018, Dr. Farid Heidari (Psychiatric / faculty member) assumed responsibility of Deputy Director of Educational and Research Center of Kowsar hospital.


After the start of this deputy, the educational and research affairs of the Center have been organized under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Education and Research and are followed closely after the integration of surgical and internal wards in the center.

Establishment of the Clinical Research Development Unit, the establishment of the Research Council at the Center, the establishment of the Office for the Education Development Office of Medical Studies (EDO), the provision of advice and facilitation of the implementation of research projects and student dissertations, supervision of educational activities of professors and specialized medical training groups in the hospital, examining and solving educational and welfare problems of students, and supervising the staff training are of the most important activities of this deputy.