Emergency Department


Specialty: General Internal and Surgical Emergency

Number of beds:

36 beds for patients under observation - 5 recovery beds - 5 examination beds - 1 single isolation bed - 1 bed for injections - 1 bed for ECG

Internal Emergency and Surgery Emergency Departments:

Emergency department of Kowsar Hospital consists of two parts of internal and surgical emergency rooms, each containing 18 beds. In the internal emergency room, there is a special room for isolation and one room for ECG and a 4-bed cardiopulmonary resuscitation room and one room for medicine and equipment.

Other Rooms and areas:

Triage unit with a special bed - Trauma and dressing room with 5 examination beds and one recovery bed - On-call room - Four nursing stations - Two dressing rooms - One room for internal staff - Two tea rooms and a storage room for Consumables - An storage Room for Essential Equipment In Crisis - An Operating Room Equipped with Equipment for common surgeries

Also in the Emergency Room entrance hall: -Emergency Medicine Specialist Room - the General Physician Examination and visiting room, - the Reception Unit - the Toilet Service - vending Machine - the ATM - the security unit of  Emergency Department, and waiting room.

-Common referrals to the emergency department last year:

Patients in traffic accidents (accidental) - Fractures - Stomachache - Kidney pain (Renal colic) - Myocardial infarction and stroke - Diabetes - blood pressure- Seizure - Asthma - Acute pulmonary edema - Chest pain - Gastroenteritis and ...

- Introduction to people in charge and physicians:

- Name and technical expertise of the department: Dr. Mohammad Reza Monans (Emergency Medicine Specialist)

- Name and Specialty of the Head Nurse: Farideh Varaminian (Nursing Specialist)

- Name and specialty of physicians :

- Emergency Medicine Specialist: Dr. Mohammad Reza Monans - Dr. Mehdi Yar Ahmadi - Dr. Mohammad Amir Ahmadi - Dr. Samane Sabouri

- General resident surgeon: Dr. Navid Hosseinifar - Ms. Masoumeh Mulla Norouzi - Dr. Izadi - Dr. Barzegar

- General physician: Dr. Mahmood Rashidan - Dr. Mohammad Karamuddin - Dr. Ali Akbar Talebi - Dr. Armin Hajizadeh - Dr. Anahita Najmuddin - Dr. Tasbandi


* The number of referrals last year since the implementation of the Health Promotion Plan: 76,000 People

* The number of clients in the first quarter of 2015: 24,000 People

* Location in the hospital: On the ground floor with a separate entrance door on the western side of the hospital

* Important Equipment and Facilities:

Wall-mounted monitoring device - portable ventilator device - portable ultrasound apparatus - Electroshock- ECG - blood and serum warmer device - slit Lamp- Head Lamp- Surgical lighting - Schiotz- oximetry pulse - anesthetic device and bed and Electrocautery for Emergency operating room - Surgical sets - portable and central oxygen and Suction - Stretchers, wheelchairs, heater and refrigerator ...

The usual process of admission and treatment of patients in the department:

By referring the patient to the triage unit and completing the triage form and categorization of patients, they are put into different categories, from level 1 to 5. Patients from levels 1 and 2 are immediately transferred to the resuscitation room and treated by an emergency specialist. Patients at the 3rd level of internal and surgical care will be referred to the admission department for filing a case and will be visited and interned by the residential resident and general practitioner, respectively, and in their respective areas, therapeutic and nursing measures are performed, and patients at the 4th and 5th level of internal and surgical care are treated in outpatient manner.


Guide for Patients and their accompaniment:

- Internal Emergency call extension number: 2047-2048

- Surgical Emergency call extension number: 2042-2041

Nursing head: 2050

Admission Unit: 2054-2055


* Prayer room:

It is located in the courtyard outside the emergency room on the right, and there is also the necessary equipment for religious practices in the area.

* Food serving time table according to the program (breakfast 7-8 am lunch from12 to 01:00 pm, dinner from 07:00 pm to 08:00).

* Insurance and social assistance affairs: The daily visit of the experts to the emergency department and the deployment of social security and insurance experts is on the ground floor across the medical records unit.

* Educational pamphlets of common referrals of the department:

It includes Orthopedic cast and splint, burns, dressings, kidney stones, heart attacks, acute pulmonary edema, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, gallstones, and more. It is available to patients.