Male Internal Ward

Name of the Department: Male Internal Ward

- Specialty: Internal - Neurology - Nephrology - Rheumatology - lung- Infectious - glands- Blood and Skin Cancer

- Number of beds: 32

- Number of patient rooms:

Includes 16 rooms (Four 4-bed Rooms - four 2-bed rooms - 8 single rooms) - Other important rooms and spaces:

- Common illnesses in the department last year:

Diabetes - Stroke - Urinary tract infection - COPD - Chest Pain (Angina pectoris)- Asthma- Breast cancer - CRF - TB - Gastrointestinal bleeding

- Name and technical expertise of the department:

Dr. Samaie (Neurologist)

- Name and specialty of head nurse of the department:

Dr. Fatemeh Albooye (Nursing expert)

- Name and specialty of physicians:

- Dr. Samaie and Dr. Masoudian (Neurologist)

 - Dr. Dabiri and Dr. Nobakht (Gastroenterologist)

- Dr. Malek (Pulmonologist)

- Dr. Tamaddon and Dr. Yar Mohammadi (Nephrologist)

- Dr. Shah Nazari and Dr. Dost Mohammadian and Dr. Foroutan (Endocrinologist)

- Dr. Draban and Dr. Najmeuddin (Internal Medicine Specialist)

- Dr. Taheri and Dr. Azizzadeh (Dermatologist)

 - Dr. Ghahramanfard (Oncologist /Hematologist)

- Dr. Moghimi (Rheumatologist)

 - Dr. Nassaji and Dr. Gohari (Infectious Disease Specialist)

- The percentage of bed occupancy last year: 85%

-Location in the hospital: Third floor

Major equipment:

-Oxygen and central suction

- Nurse call system for each bed

- Electroshock system

- Electrocardiogram

- Refrigerator and TV in each room


-TCD Machine

- Portable suction

- Oximetry pulse

- Nebulizer device

- Serum droplet setting device

- Gelocometer

- Ophthalmoscopy

- Otoscope

- X-ray Machine

- Sterilized bedpan washing

- Heat Lamp


The usual process of admission and treatment of patients in the department:

Referral of the patient or his or her accompaniment to the hospital admission unit for the purpose of establishing a hospital admission by holding an order from a physician;

- entering the patient's profile; and information required in the admission portal;

- obtaining the consent from the patient or his / her companion;

-issuance of an companion card, if desired, and filing a case

- Going to cash for in part payment

- Going to the department with the patient records

- Identification of the room and bed of the patient in the hospital

- Delivery of the bag of clothes and personal belongings

- Control of the primary vital signs

- complete the biography by Interns and Medical Assistant on call

- Execution of the physician's orders

- Receiving Complete Clinical Care

Guide for Patients and their Accompaniment admitted in the department:

- Visiting doctor: Every day from 9am to 13pm

- Visiting hours: Every day from 03:00 pm-04:00 pm

- Internal Ward extension Number: 2293 -2292

- Praying Hall: Eastern Side of the premise - outside the department

- Food Serving: Breakfast every day 7.30 am - lunch time: 12:30 pm - Dinner time: 07:00 pm

- Insurance and Social assistance affairs: These affairs are taken care of by the staff from insurance company and social assistance in the ground floor

- Tracking and Response System after Discharge and phone: The secretary of the department answers calls from callers and visitors from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

- Educational pamphlets:

Different types of educational pamphlets required in this department related to illnesses and medications side effect will be provided to the patients by nursing staff.