Operation Room


- Name: Operation Room (General)

- Specialty: All General Surgeries, Urological surgeries, Bone and Joint Surgery (Orthopedics), Neurological Surgery, Thoracic Surgery (Chest), Eye Surgery, Otolaryngology, and anesthesia

- Number of beds: eight surgical beds

- Other important rooms and areas:

 Scrub Room - Sterilization Rooms - Preparation and Packing Rooms - Classroom - Pharmacy - Recovery room- Cloakroom - On-Call rooms for doctors and personnel

Common surgical procedures:

- 1. Surgery of different types of fractures

 2. Cataracts

 3. Bile duct surgery

4. Ureteral surgery

5. Surgery of hernia repair

6. Appendicitis surgery

- Name and specialty of the unit: Dr. Hamid Reza Hemmati (Thoracic surgeon)

- Name and specialty of head nurse section: Mojgan Eftekharpour (nursing expert)

- Location in the hospital: 1st floor hospital (Western side) - Operation room

- Major equipment:

 Oxygen and central suction - Anesthesia machine - Infusion pump - Boiler machine - Cutter machine - Electro-shock - Autoclave - Arthroscopy equipment, Laparoscopy - Microscope - C-Arm- Refrigerator and TV and other essential equipment and supplies

Kowsar Center for Medical Education, Research, and Treatment of Semnan currently provides medical and surgical services all day round to referrals with eight active operating rooms equipped with advanced surgical equipment and facilities, in collaboration with 32 experienced surgical specialists in the field of general surgery, ENT, renal surgeries Urology, bone and orthopedic surgery (orthopedics), neurological surgery, thoracic surgery, and eye surgery and anesthesia.